I Figured: The Empty Closet

Let’s say I’m starting over with my closet. I want to wear a different outfit – pants, shirt, coat/sweater – every day for 30 days. What’s the minimum number of articles of clothing I need to buy? Okay, this is an interesting question, but not really. I posted it to my Facebook page and it […]

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Tim Ferriss on Digital Content

The following is an excerpt from an interview I did with Tim Ferriss two years ago via e-mail. The interview was prompted by an e-mail I sent that he later featured on his blog. Read his post here. Tim Ferriss understands digital content. Really understands it. He has an innate grasp on the relationship between […]

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Believe in Humans

I work in a field that’s supposed to be about people. It’s supposed to be about the way people interact – with the brands we buy, the technology we use, our presence online and through social media. It’s supposed to be about understanding motivation and inception, inciting behaviors and delivering value. And yet, when all of those things […]

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Write a Letter

Don’t design a newsletter, don’t target with content or segment by age, demographic or digital habits. Tell a story, don’t manipulate, trick or convince. Ask me to join you, don’t acquire me, sell me or win me back. Invite me on a journey and, when I agree to come along, make me feel welcome, appreciated, […]

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