SGNL CORPS: The Tray Thief

On the morning of the first significant snowfall of 1988, appear as a muddled and purposeless silhouette in the doorway of Harris Dining Hall, wearing the battered blue parka with the buffalo plaid lining your mother brought back from Maine three Falls ago. Awkwardly spoon batter into one of the two functioning self-serve waffle irons. Flip the […]

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Habit is Powerful

I have the worst kind of habit – a near complete lack of habits. Apart from a commute, there’s almost nothing I do every day. Some nights, I’m in bed early. Some late. Some days I write. Most days I don’t. I go to the gym with no particular regularity. And the results are as […]

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The Why Equation

I was having breakfast with a friend of mine this morning and, as usual, we talked about a lot of things – life, business and most things in between. I’ll call him ‘L.’ ‘L’ works in financial planning. He’s self-made and one of the most successful people I know. Though he works with a large, […]

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