Best Made Co.

As if I needed another object to lust over. As if I needed to want more things I can’t really afford. I don’t. I don’t need either of those things and then along comes Best Made Company. Along comes designer-quality hand-crafted tools. Along comes awesome axes and badges reading “Courage,” “Compassion,” “Grace” and “Fortitude.” Just what I need – adult versions of all the stuff I wanted as a Cub Scout. Nicer versions. Cooler versions. Stuff that appeals to me as the kind of guy who loves new old things.

The company is the brainchild of designer Peter Buchanon-Smith, a New Yorker who was in search of a high-quality axe for his escapes into the Canadian wilderness. Unable to find one, he built on himself and in 2009 began selling them to other people. It’s tough not to like this guy. He had a vision and, unlike most of us content to simply dream about this kind of stuff, he brought it to fruition. And the pieces that he designs and makes are unique in that you could see yourself using them in a fishing camp, but also looking at them on the walls of a gallery in Brooklyn. They are functional art pieces. Multi-tools of design and character. And I for one love them.

Spend some time on the Best Made Company website and you’ll find yourself wanting things you’ve never wanted before. An anthology of American Folk music? Check.  A pair of Yujiro Thread Cutters? Absolutely. A solid brass ruler? Who hasn’t wanted one of those?

I hope one-day to be able to afford half the stuff Best Made Co. sells. I hope to have a room full of the stuff. But until then, I may just have to relish the sheer pleasure of looking at the things. After all, that’s what they are there for too.

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