Four Apps I Recently Learned to Love

I don’t do a lot of talking about apps. In part it’s because I’m a generally slow adapter to new apps and also because I’m the kind of guy who sticks with the things he knows. But I recently went on a download spree and came away with a few that I really love. Here’s a completely unbidden list.

1. 30/30 (

Simple, simple, simple. A task timer that’s easy to use and effectively motivating. I started using it to get some writing done and was amazed by how well I stuck to it. Create a task, set a time. Create another, set the time. Hit play and you find yourself focusing in a way you might not be able to if left to your own devices.

2. Black Bar (

I love crosswords and I love choose your own adventures. What happens if you put the two together? You get Black Bar. Basically, it’s a series of redacted letters between two friends living in a dystopian future of government censorship. In order to progress in the story, you have to fill in the blacked out sections of the letters. Only one word or phrase will work. And you are now addicted.

3. Unstuck (

You ever get stuck? I mean really stuck? Stuck writing. Stuck working through a problem at work. Stuck in your life? That’s where Unstuck comes in. Something between guided thinking and MadLibs, Unstuck helps you work through the issues that have you stuck and gives you suggestions on getting unstuck. I’ve used it while writing and when I found myself in the midst of one of my semi-frequent ‘what am I doing with my life?’ kind of funks.

4. Popboardz (

I’m not a huge fan of slideshows. Well, I don’t like making them anyway. It feels duplicative. I do work in Evernote or snap pictures and putting it all together can be a real pain. Popboardz makes it easier. You can important all file types onto a ‘board’ and present your work without the hassle of building a presentation. Pull from Dropbox, e-mail and others onto a board and go nuts.

Got any suggestions?

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