Write a Letter

Don’t design a newsletter, don’t target with content or segment by age, demographic or digital habits.

Tell a story, don’t manipulate, trick or convince.

Ask me to join you, don’t acquire me, sell me or win me back. Invite me on a journey and, when I agree to come along, make me feel welcome, appreciated, special.

Reward me, don’t buy me or trick me. Reward because you want me to feel valued.

Expect more from me, don’t automatically race for least common denominator. Give me the credit I deserve as a person, a human, Craig.

If you, as a brand, treat me the way you, as a friend, would want to be treated, I won’t let you down. You won’t have to convince me if you are convinced. You won’t have to chase me, because I will find you.

It’s not about buzzwords, automation or moving at the speed of culture. It’s about respect and treating me like I have a name, not just a wallet, a family not just a Facebook page, a life not just a preference.


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