I’m looking for Quitters

I’m fascinated by change – people who embrace it, those who seek it, those who don’t see it coming. I’m working on a new piece called “When to Quit Your Job” and I’m looking for people who have left a career to follow a calling or find a healthier situation. Here’s some examples:

  • Have you quit your job to travel the world, join the military, hike the Pacific Coast Trail? E-mail me.
  • Have you slogged away in a job that was going nowhere, with people who didn’t respect you or doing something that goes against your core beliefs? Did you quit that job and find a fit that was better for you? E-mail me.
  • Have you left the rat race to make your own rules? E-mail me.

I’m conducting interviews – via email, Skype or, if we’re in the same place, over coffee over the next 30 days, so please reach out soon.

And just to get you thinking, here’s a list of the jobs I’ve quit and why:

  1. Working at a foam fabricator – I wanted to become a writer.
  2. Working at a drug store – I graduated from high school.
  3. Pizza delivery – I graduated (though I actually enjoyed it)
  4. Working in a fly fishing shop – I got my first real job after college.
  5. Reporter – I got engaged and moved.
  6. Reporter – We had a child and I couldn’t afford child care.
  7. City Government Assistant – To start my own magazine and work at an ad agency.
  8. Magazine editor – My pay was decreased, my staff was cut, the publication was closing.

Email me at letterstocraig(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll talk. Thanks!

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