8/300: Week One in Review

I promise I’m almost done writing about my goals for the year and will, after next Wednesday or so, limit my writing about my plans and progress to the occasional update. However, I did want to take 15 minutes today to look at progress to-date.

I’ve been preparing for this project for a few months. I’ve been planning, measuring, breaking things down; preparing myself mentally and emotionally, all so that I could give myself the best possible chances of success. Today marks my first full week of the quest and, in the spirit of accountability, I’ll give you a no-nonsense take on how it’s going so far.

Goal: Write 365 Journal Entries

Progress: Success. I’ve written every day. But my plan to write in the morning before work has not been terribly successful. In part, this is because I’ve had unusually early morning meetings this week and also because I have not gotten up early enough to accommodate. I’ve written my OPAGARS (see the post “OPAGARS: My Morning Journal” for more) every day by noon, but only once before I went to work.

Goal: Write 1,000 Words/Day 6 Days/Week

Progress: Success. I’ve actually written more than 9,000 words – 20% of my first book of the year – in the first eight days of 2016. The writing has been good, easy and more satisfying than I could have imagines. Just need to keep things up.

Goal: Read for 30 Minutes a Day, Two Books per Month

Progress: Super success. The reading has been awesome and I’ve already finished Brian Grazer’s “A Curios Mind” (a full week ahead of schedule). I’ve read at least 30 minutes a day, but up to an hour or more total. Once twice did I limit myself and both times, it was to get to sleep. I’m going to stick with my initial plan. If I keep getting more reading done than expected, I may adjust later, but I’m not willing to make changes yet.

Goal: Study Spanish with DuoLingo for 10 Minutes Every Day

Progress: Success. I’ve gone slightly over twice, but I’ve actually been making this a part of my morning routine. After I get to work, after my first meeting and a cup of coffee, I sit at my desk and get it done. It’s helped my thinking tremendously and, though the app says I’m now 28% fluent in Spanish, I’m still uncomfortable enough to be happy to learn more.

Goal: Achieve Running My First 5K

Progress: Success, well sort of. I began the Couch 2 5K program Monday morning at six. I did the run and the one on Wednesday. Friday morning, I got up and it was pouring rain outside. I decided to put it off until I got home from work, but a basement picnic with my daughter and a high school basketball game with my son pushed things off until Saturday (today) morning. I got up early and went for the third run of the week with my dog, Penny, just as the sun was coming up. Not perfectly on plan, but a nice adaption to unforeseen circumstances.

Goal: 300 Blogs in the Year, Six Days/Week

Progress: Success. I won’t be writing tomorrow and this week’s topics have been related to this project, but I’ve managed to find 15 minutes each day to write. I’ll get more into why I think this is important on Monday, but I’m happy with my progress so far.

Goal: Interview 24 People I Admire 

Progress: N/A. I’ll be reaching out late next week for my first interview. You’ll definitely see the results here on the blog.

Here’s to progress like this for the rest of the year. One week down, 51 left to go.

Iterate on.



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