51/300: They Are Going to Get You

I’m nervous. I’m sitting in a room full of strangers and have an hour to wait. In sixty minutes it will be my turn to speak, my turn to capture these strangers’ attention, their interest, their imagination. I do this a lot and you’d think that I would be over it by now, but I’m not. My palms are sweaty. My stomach is rumbling. My brain is swirling.

We all feel this stuff. We all have to face moments like this. It’s not just giving a presentation. It’s finishing a book, finishing a run, finishing homework. Finishing is a performance, it’s the culmination of the doing. It’s the finale, the big reveal, the big moment.

It’s natural to fear the finish. It’s natural to be nervous. It’s natural worry. It’s part of being human. The reward comes from overcoming these moments- giving the talk when you’re scared, finishing the book when you’re nervous, standing up when fear weakens your knees. 

If you are not focused on the finish, the nerves will get you. Ego will get you. Fear will eat you alive.

Don’t let it. Stand up, take a breath and finish. Take a moment then take a bow. Don’t lose sight of the most important thing- the finish. Whatever it is, whatever form it takes, whatever challenge it represents, keep your eyes set on the finish. 

Otherwise, fear, ego, nerves- they will get you and you might never come back.

Now excuse me, I need to wipe my palms, take a deep breath and chase my finish. Fear doesn’t stand a chance.

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