61/300: Moments of Confluence

They say when it rains it pours; that good things come in threes; that life is a pebble that starts a downhill roll and picks up steam as it goes. Life is a series of moments of confluence.

I’m having one of those moments now. The opportunities I had envisioned during my winter planning for the year are coming to a head. Book projects are happening sooner than I could have imagined. New projects are coming to me from unexpected places. Deadlines are stacking up and overlapping. The kids are gearing up for busy a busy spring and summer.

At times, I want to hate it. I want to give in to stress. I want to surrender to the overwhelm. But then I realize how lucky I am to have these kinds of problems. It wasn’t too long ago that the opposite was more true than not, when I was struggling to get something – anything – going. That was a different kind of stress, a different sort of overwhelm.

So rather than thinking about these times as negative, I’m rebranding them as Moments of Confluence – when all things come together at a specific place and time. Confluence is positive. It’s good. It’s temporary and leaves you changed – hopefully for the better. This is not just an experience a married writer in his late-30s has. We all have them. We’ve all had moments when we think to ourselves ‘I just can’t even…’

But here’s the thing – you can. And you should. And when you do, if you learn to look forward to it, you’ll be better than you imagined. Disregard stress and overwhelm. Embrace confluence. It may mean you write shorter blogs. But, it will leave you looking forward to your to-do list a whole lot more.

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